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Polarizing beam splitters and optical filters USA

15.04.2021 16:18

Optical filters USA from ARO

Patented ARO tunable optical filters do what conventional thin-film filters cannot: they have a tunable center wavelength. Wavelength tuning occurs in a fairly wide spectral range by changing the angle of incidence without significant transformations of spectral characteristics.If the tuning range is more than 11% of the center wavelength of the passband at the normal angle of incidence of the radiation (when the angle of incidence changes from 0 to 60 °), then only 5 filters are required to cover the entire visible spectrum. The presented optical filters USA are ideal for fluorescence analysis and imaging, spectroscopy, and hyperspectral imaging. Due to the insensitivity of the filters to polarization, high quality, and radiation resistance of the elements, they can be used for almost any experiments with laser radiation.Polarizing beam splitters and optical filters USA

Polarizing beam splitter

Beam-splitting coatings are designed to separate the incident light beam into reflected and transmitted ones, with a given intensity ratio. Typically, the angle of incidence of light on the surface of the beam splitting coating varies from 0 ° to 45 °.Beam splitting coatings are applied in a wide spectral range from 200nm to 20μm for various angles of incidence. Typically standard beam-splitting coatings are rated for 532nm, 633nm, 780nm, 1060nm, and 1550nm.We make beam splitters from optical and quartz glasses, silicon, zinc selenide, CaF2, and other optical crystals on request.Alkor Technologies offers various types of beam splitters, including broadband IR beam splitters made of KBr with Germanium and moisture protection coating and the polarizing beam splitter.Spectral range: 1.8 - 25 μm (5500 - 400 cm-1). T: R = 50% + / - 20%

ARO reliable optics

ARO is one of the most reliable suppliers of truly high-quality and reliable optics that will successfully serve in any industry or scientific project. We work with both small and large batches, besides, you have to order optical equipment with custom parameters on our website. It will be characterized by the increased shock resistance and endurance, due to which it can successfully serve for many years with proper handling. All modern optics at our factory are manufactured according to the latest technological fashion word, which is why we remain one of the most successful and reliable suppliers of optical equipment. If you are looking for any kind of optical equipment or high-end optics near me, you can always turn to ARO!

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